About these pages


One time, Marcelo was looking for information on guaraná on the Internet. It appeared that there was not much useful information available. Some of the information was inaccurate or just plain wrong and gave a wrong impression of the plant.

Because of this, and his love for the guaraná soft drink from Brazil, he decided to set up a page to collect and publish more reliable information on all aspects of the guaraná plant.

Marcos at Embrapa in Brazil had published a page about the cultivation of guaraná on the Internet in portuguese, and Marcelo wrote asking for permission to use photographs for his own pages and perhaps more information. Marcos granted permission to use the photographs and offered to supply more information, time permitting. Some time later, Marcos offered to co-operate on the pages and set up a mirror of the guaraná pages in Brazil.

This co-operation continues until the present day, although both maintainers cannot devote as much time to the web-site as they used to.


The aim of these pages is to provide better understanding of the guaraná plant and its uses and promote it all over the world.

We do not have guaraná for sale. We maintain a list of addresses of retail companies that sell guaraná products, though. We can also mediate between companies.


We welcome your comments, suggestions, questions, etc. Articles, anecdotes or other facts related to guaraná and it's uses are also very welcome. We also would like to know about other sites related to guaraná to link to, yet we reserve the right not to include links to sites we feel do not contribute to a better understanding of guaraná

The e-mail address for your reaction is: voerbak@exato.nl

About the authors

Marcos is a researcher with the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation Embrapa.

Marcelo is a Brazilian who has lived in Holland since 1978, from the age of 8.
Although away from Brazil for such a long time, he tried to keep up his Portuguese and kept interested in the culture of his country, especially food and drink, music and the national football (soccer) team.