Where to buy guaraná in the world.

Outside Brazil, it is more difficult to buy guaraná, so here is a list to help those homesick Brazilians abroad and other people who like guaraná. The list includes the retail suppliers of soft drink and powder. Please let me know if you know any more.

If you want to have your company included, let us know with a contact address and what you supply.

We do reserve the right not to add or remove a site from the list without notice.

Please note that we have no relation to any of these supplier. We also do not sell guaraná ourselves, but can mediate between companies. Mail us at: guarana@dds.nl.

  • Brasimpo
    Olgaland 32
    2591 JB Den Haag
    Tel/Fax: +31 70 382 03 06
    e-mail: info@brasimpo.nl

    Sells the soft drink ("by Antarctica"). Also sells other Brazilian products you miss when outside Brazil, like black beans and cachaça. Also exports to Germany and Belgium.


Guaraná is widely available in all forms in Brazil. The addresses below are just given as a starting point for people interested in buying guaraná

  • Casa do Guarana Ltda.
    Av. Mato Grosso, 115 - Centro
    79002-230 Campo Grande - MS - Brasil
    Fones: 55 067 725-4627(fax)
    55 067 724-3397

    Sells powder and other related guaraná products.

  • Balthazar A. Gonçalves Silva
    Av. Guaporé, 3581
    Fone: 069 535 2542
    e-mail: s-abreu@ariquemes.com.br

    Sells Guaraná products.

  • Casa Brasil
    Josefstrasse 10
    40227 Düsseldorf
    Tel/fax: +49 (0)211 721406

    Sells guaraná products and many other Brazilian goods.

  • Kontakt
    Ostlandstrasse 29
    24214 Gettorf
    E-mail: rios@kontakt-ol.de
    Phone: 00 49 43 46 41 26 70
    Fax: 00 49 43 46 36 99 72

    Sells guaraná powder and other brazilian products such as: mate, açucar, stevia, ipe roxo, catuaba, marapuama, quebra pedra, unha de gato and many other herbs.

  • Gourmet Tropical
    Rua Berruguete 4
    28039 Madrid
    Tel: +34-1-3865062
    Fax: +34-1-3865994
    e-mail: teleoff@apolo.nauta.es

    Sells guaraná products by Brahma and many other Brazilian goods, such as food, flags, clothing and craftwork.

  • Supermercado Brasil
    10826 Venice Blvd #105E
    Culver City, CA 90232
    Tel: (310) 837-4291

    Sells Antarctica Guaraná in cans.

  • South-Florida
    Over the last 10 years, there has been a large influx of Brazilians into South Florida, especially from West Palm Beach to Miami. As a conseqence, there are a lot of Brazilian bussinesses in this region and you can practically find everything you would also find in Brazil. There are many supermarkets where you can buy various brands of guarana. In other large cities all over the U.S.A. this is also the case.

  • Brasil & Flavors
    e-mail: nandat@webzone.net

    Gourmet Foods by mail-order. Carries Guarana Antartica and Brasilia, as well as Sonho de Valsa, Palmito, various chocolates and all kinds of other Brazilian products.
  • Alo Brasil
    93 East Post Road
    White Plains, N.Y. 10601
    Tel: (914) 949-2208

    Mini market selling Brazilian products, including guaraná.

  • Tavares Groceries
    178 Stevens Ave.
    Mount Vernon, NY - 10550
    Tel: (914) 664-0845

    Portuguese mini market selling Brazilian products, including guaraná.

  • Brazilian Cargo Company
    4706 1/2 Holly St.
    Kansas City, MO. 64112
    Tel: (816) 561-1995

    Sells Guaraná Antarctica in cans and 2 liter bottles, among a lot of other brazilian food products.

  • G.B. Russo and Sons
    28th Street
    Grand Rapids
    Tel: 1-800-76russo

    Sells Guaraná Brazilia, a soft drink.

  • Taj International Foods
    7334 Lee Highway
    Tn. 37421
    Tel: (423)892-0259
    E-mail: AnooseT@aol.com

    specializeS in ethnic foods. Sell Guarana Brazilia (drinks), in cans and also in bottles.

  • Pepes Supermercado
    2333 North Western Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60647
    Phone: (312) 278-8756
    Fax: (312) 384-8811

    A small Latino market. Carries Guarana Antartica. They also sell Matte Leão tea, Cacha¸a, and a nice variety of other Brazilian food imports. According to the sender, the store is in a safe neighborhood and they speak English there as well. The store manager is very helpful and friendly.

  • Brazil Brasileiro
    1854-B Kirkwood Road
    Houston TX 77077

    Carries several different kinds of Guaraná. Remark by sender: They are not Brazilian guaraná but it helps to "matar a saudade" a little. They are pretty good! Definitely MUCH better than Pepsi's Josta!

  • Burt Enterprises
    18601 Woodwind Ln
    Anaheim, CA 92807

    Supplies its own brand of "Amazon Energy Guaraná Powder" and can also supply brazilian guaraá soft drinks, as well as concentrated guaraná syrup.