Agronomical aspects

"Seeds and Powder"
Seeds still with white aril even after peeling (left) 
Powdered guarana made by milling the roast seeds (center) 
Roasted seeds after removal of white aril by washing in water (right)
"Nursery for young plants"
The nursery can be built as a wood structure and covered with a plastic net (or leaves of palms) in order to supply 60% of shade. A nursery of 16 m2 allows a production of 10.000 seedlings per year.
"Reproduction by Cloning"
Seedlings of Guaraná can be formed through the vegetative propagation from cuttings induced to root by the application of hormones.The advantage over sexually (by seeds) propagation resides in the more rapid growth and the reproduction of the best genetic traits of the parents. 
"Guarana seeds"
After the shells and the white aril are removed, they are left to dry in open air or dried artificially until about 9% humidity is reached. From 100 kg of washed seeds 60 kg of roast seed can be obtaineds.
During the first months of growth in the field the guarana tree needs around 50% of shading. As soon as the seedlings are planted they must be covered with palm tree leaves or other available materials.
The external rind (shells) of guaraná fruits can be removed manuallyfs or by an adapted and modified machine originally used for peanuts. This machine process 900 kg of fruits per hour, or 450 kg of cleaned seeds per hour.