Botanical aspects

"Guaraná fruit." The fruits, when open, show 1 or 2 black seeds partially covered by white aril, resembling eyes.

"A guaraná plant growing on top of a palm tree called inajá.". When it grows on top of another tree, it can reach up to 10 meters height.

"Cultivated guaraná shrub."
When cultivated, not being able to creep up a tree or similar, the plant grows as a shrub, attaining a height up to 2 to 3 metres.

"Flowering of the guaraná plant"
Has a strategy to prevent autopollination.
The opening of the masculine and feminine flowers happens at different periods.

"Entomological pollination"
During the flowering period, the flowers are visited intensively by wild bees, Melipona spp. and by an introduced species, Apis mellifera.

"Bunch of fruits"
The non-uniform ripening of the fruits causes high harvesting costs . It is therefore suggested to harvest those bunches that have the majority of their fruits open.