Pests and Diseases

"A sick bunch of fruit" 
A disease caused by the pathogenic fungus Colletotrichum sp. 
"The most important pest: Trips" 
Liothrips adisi is a bug of Thysanoptera group. It is a serious pest of guarana spreaded in many localities of Amazon region. The picture shows an insect during nymphal (young) stage. The adult forms are black.
"Symptom caused by Trips" 
Adult and young forms eat by sucking the leaves. They attack only the leaves in the young sprouts.
"Guarana fruits attacked by Trips"
Trips infest the guarana fruits even when they are young. The wounds caused by trips are infected by Colletotrichum sp.

The "antracnose"
This disease is caused by Colletotrichum sp. The leaf spots are most common in the young leaves.

"The damage caused by Trips"
The population of Trips increases during the dry season. The young sprouts and inflorescences are destroyed.