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Name: Fernanda Sandoval Matarazzo
Referred by: AltaVista
From: Da minha casa
Time: 1998-07-13 00:22:00
Comments: Zagalo, nota 00

Name: Jennifer Smith
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Maryland
Time: 1998-07-04 18:39:00
Comments: I lived in Paraguay for a year and loved guarana. My favorite was Simba Guarana bottled by Coca-cola and also Mirinda guarana. Any idea where I can buy either, or how I can contact Coca-cola about bottling it here in the US? Thanks!

Name: DRB
Referred by: From Yahoo
From: WA state
Time: 1998-07-01 10:30:00
Comments: I found Guarana as an efficient herb when using it for dieting and energy (boost).

Name: Fred Fasting
Website: Cargoweb ( International Transport Site)
Referred by: From Yahoo
From: I live in Holland but I'am from Sao Paulo, Brazil
Time: 1998-06-29 16:45:00
Comments: Great site, it's just to bad that there are not many places here in Holland were you can buy Guarana. There are some things I Miss when I leave brazil after a vacation, and that is Gauarana, Feijoada, caipirinha and offcourse the girls. Greetings Fred

Name: Tati
Referred by: Outra maneira de busca
From: Brasil
Time: 1998-06-28 15:51:00
Comments: queremos informações sobre refrigerantes não convencionais. Se você tiver alguma informação me mande um e-mail.Curly@.uol.com.br

Name: Lillian
Website: Wealth O'Health
Referred by: Another Search Engine
From: West Virginia, USA
Time: 1998-06-24 00:50:00
Comments: Excellent site. I was trying to learn more about guarana. I knew it was some kind of caffine because I'd seen it advertised in Josta. I am an herbal distributor for Enrich Products. Come see my site! Thanks! Lillian

Name: ????
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Mexico
Time: 1998-06-19 22:39:00
Comments: I bought a bottle of capsules of guarana in a health store in Mexico city. Me and some friends knew it was used in smart drinks, and decided to experiment with it. You are right in saying that if you smoke this stuff you might not get a strong effect,but try mixing it with some "other" type of smokeable green plant and let me tell you, you will notice a VERY different effect !!! Very nice by the way. The only problem was that the harsh effect it has on your throat when smoked is almost unbearable !! Maybe with some honey it might go away, you should try it !! By the way on the bottle it says that it contains "ashes", do you know if they are Guarana ashes, or what ?? I can't leave my e-mail, but I'll be sure to check back later. Very useful & cool site, I needed to know what I actually ingest almost every day !!!! KOKO

Name: Richard Martel
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Canada
Time: 1998-06-01 15:45:00
Comments: I got Guarana from a friend of Germany. I would like to know if there is some place I could buy Guarana in Canada ?

Name: Hugh Jabballs
Website: yammy
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: Mozambique, Africa
Time: 1998-05-29 18:58:00
Comments: This website was very informative. I am going to Brazil to buy some Guarana when I get out of this political prison i've been in!

Referred by: Another Search Engine
Time: 1998-05-27 20:46:00
Comments: I LOVE JOSTA!!!! I LOVE JOSTA!!!! I LOVE JOSTA!!!! I LOVE JOSTA!!!! I LOVE JOSTA!!!! I LOVE JOSTA!!!! I LOVE JOSTA!!!! I LOVE JOSTA!!!! I LOVE JOSTA!!!! I LOVE JOSTA!!!! I LOVE JOSTA!!!! I LOVE JOSTA!!!! I LOVE JOSTA!!!! I LOVE JOSTA!!!! I LOVE JOSTA!!!! I LOVE JOSTA!!!! I LOVE JOSTA!!!! I LOVE JOSTA!!!! I LOVE JOSTA!!!! It is just so good. I love it and I always bum some off my friends. We are known as the Josta boys. We are all fans of Josta and we want to let you know that WE LOVE JOSTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So keep selling it.

Name: Stephen Janetzko
Website: No, but my fax ist 0049-8304-973833
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Börwang/Germany
Time: 1998-05-20 00:13:00
Comments: I´m just looking for any material about Guarana cause I´m writing a book over it for a German editor, some articles, too. Please give me any information you have, send me e-mails etc.! 1000 thanx in advance - by the way: I LOVE PORTUGAL, ciao, Stephen.

Name: o de menos! O importante e' o recado...
Referred by: Por acaso
From: longe da cidade mais bonita do planeta (Porto Alegre)
Time: 1998-04-26 00:58:00
Comments: Se alguem souber onde se pode comprar Guarana em Londres, deixe um recado nessa pagina. Qualquer um (no desespero, ate mesmo Zambiazi!!). Aproveitando o espaço: Roger, te adoro! "Metade de mim e' partida, a outra metade e' saudades". Alegra o meu coracao e aparece por aqui...

Name: Leonardo T. Djajarahardja
Referred by: Yahoo
From: Pasadena, CA , U.S.A.
Time: 1998-04-25 04:29:00
Comments: Ola' pessoal. Eu acabode encontrar Josta em Pasadena, CA. Podem procurar na loja de departamentos " Target ", na secao de refrigerantes. Preco : US$ 0.89 + tax. O gosto nao e' tao ruim como dizem. Parece Tubaina (Refrigerante de tuti-fruti do Brasil) + guarana Brahma. A combinacao e' estranha e tem um pouco de gosto amargo. Se alguem conhecer um lugar onde se vende qualquer outro tipo de guarana em Pasadena, por favor me mande um e-mail.

Name: Alexandre Toledo do Lago Leite
Website: Maracanã
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Brasil
Time: 1998-04-20 18:22:00
Comments: Dear Sirs, I work for a brazilian company called Maracanã, that produces a delicious guaraná soft drink. We do not produce it only in Brazil, but in the U.S. too. Our franchisee began the production four month ago and it is being distributed for several states. If you want some more information, please contact us. Best regards, Alexandre Toledo do Lago Leite

Name: James van Rij
Referred by: From Yahoo
From: New Zealand
Time: 1998-04-06 00:49:00
Comments: I'm just wondering whether or not you could e-mail me on the negative/side effects of guarana. Also do you have any information on the "Frucor" soft drink company marketing "smart" drinks in New Zealand and how much Guarana they actually contain? Thankfully yours, James van Rij

Name: Leonardo T. Djajarahardja
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: I'm living on California, USA, But I born on Brazil.
Time: 1998-04-03 23:45:00
Comments: Hi, here in California, Pasadena, I found two kinds of Guarana Soft drink : Bawls guarana - from hobarama corp. - miami beach FL. - tel : 1-888-439-bawls - I bought it on Pavillions (Vons supermarket) / and Sensa Herbal Energizer with Brazilian guarana (look like Kas guarana with peach from Brazil without gas) - from tamasari beverage, ltd - culver city, ca 90230 -tel :(310) 915-5500 - I bought it from Ralphs supermarket. Please, send me e-mails if you find another kind of guaranas Near Pasadena, CA , USa. P.s. : Sei falar portugues, portanto, podem me escrever em portugues.

Name: gleesing
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: wi
Time: 1998-04-03 14:17:00
Comments: What are the side effects. Any danager for people with heart conditions. Any known problems.

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