Stories about guaraná

If you know any legends, tales, stories, jokes, etc. about guaraná, please send them in and we will publish them here.

Myths about the origins of guaraná
The mythical history about guarana guaranį as told by the Saterê-Mawé Indians and others.

Josta, guaraná imitação.
Discussion from the newsgroup soc.culture.brazil about Josta, a guaraná soft drink that Pepsico is marketing in the US. In Portuguese.

Regarding an e-mail we received.

Scientific Support for the Use of Guaraná
A paper written by a student at the School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition (in English)

Guaraná Kuat
A paper on the marketing of Kuat, a guaraná soft drink by Coaca-Cola.(in Portuguese)